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Welcome Members and Guests

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Thank you very much for coming to this site. If your a new guild member, welcome aboard, however, if your a returning member, then be sure to make yourself at home. Finnaly, to all visitors, please register to take part in our website features and forums. We would love to talk with you and make more friends.
- 11/04/2012 -
Guild Photo Contest Submition
For all those that attended, thank you very much.
There are 48 members in this picture, however, due to the nature of the rules, only 47 are submitted.
The 47 players listed below will all receave at least wrath of ohms when all this is done. If we win, you all will receave a ASES.
  • DarkShrike
  • ParkRanger
  • Joliet
  • ICU812
  • Unicantata
  • xAmsterdam
  • Aarica
  • Techwiz3
  • Theia
  • Ebony
  • WhiteHeart
  • BlackSorcha
  • Giancora
  • Lamonia
  • Keezheekoni
  • ErikaDekan
  • xxKuronekoxx
  • DeadlyWind
  • ThomasTeller
  • SukmAShaftS
  • Lemokiss
  • Halgrenie
  • MrShrike
  • MissAmerica
  • Blazon
  • DeadlyWind
  • LongShot
  • 5TORM
  • ChaosElf
  • Tiziano
  • Lainvenn
  • Dzastina
  • AnotherLove
  • Goon
  • Fransisca
  • Elvangard
  • Ahiga
  • Adidas4o
  • D3athTemp3st
  • Deliveranc3
  • KillaHurtZ
  • 1IlIl1
  • Rock6146
  • CptnFantasic
  • CptnMarvel

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Yes, I was there!!!

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