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I'm in KoS now apparently
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Sun Jun 17 2012, 05:32pm
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background short summary:
-be in pt in dungeon
-Sherphanter wen to GH
-boss die
-someone say to wait for Serph
-someone kills last mob anyway
-Sherphanter PM me
-thins convo (from the very beginning)

background rant version:
I been in many many parties the last week and apparently most people think healers are assholes of Rohan. Not only am I blamed for pt not survivng in Rohan but in elemental dungeon when people don't know how to kill a boss. Our pt preticular was quite bad although we had 2 priests. The other priest was in middle of the whole fight all the time and he died quite a few times. Our guardian who was killing the boss was squshy as waterballoon.Our defender who took guardians damage only lived for 3 hits. And of course I was blamed for not healing although I used heal and group heal and GroupHeal on guardian (when she/he did not bring the boss towards me and I had time from my running). In the end all of them died and I was able to live on my own and waited for others to come back from GH. I tried to explain to them that they need to be back toward me and never run toward me coz the boss will kill me.. Did tehy listen? no. After few revives Sherphanter went to GH to speed up but while he was away the boss died. Huzzah. Someone shouted to leave one mob alive but I think it was ranger who killed the last mob.. well Sherphanter ended up not earning SES everyone else did. So he PM me asking for SES and I lashed out a bit. I'm not proud of it but I did apologize and this is what followed.
So now im in KoS and here is the reason if someone is wondering.

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Mon Jun 18 2012, 06:12pm
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